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Peta and Zoey both study Marine Biology at Deakin. Deakin University has recently invested $5million into its Marine Biology Centre at Warrnambool. Currently around 40 students graduate from the marine biology course each year, but the new investment will provide for an additional 40. The new investment creates a world-standard Centre providing a research and teaching environment that will attract collaborators and considerably elevate the international reputation of Deakin and the Warrnambool Campus. It allows the University to upgrade its coastal mapping activities, and increase its focus on the rich ecosystems in Bass Strait.

Warrnambool is not only famous for its whale watching each year, but also for its remarkable penguin protection project at Middle Island using Maremma dogs.
%p The project won the Australian Government National Landcare Award in 2010.
%p Surrounding the islands there is also a Marine Sanctuary: a great place for a dive any sunny afternoon!

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